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What is re-enactment?

Historical re-enactment is the representation of a battle or even of an entire period! A re-enactor is supposed to bring the period of their interest into life, while acting as the person they have chosen (e.g. a soldier from the Greek Army). 

Who is your team portraying?

Our group portrays the soldiers of the US army during WWII with a specialization in WAC (Women’s Army Corps) and their action at Mediterranean Theatre of Operations, with the 12th Air Force.

Why are you portraying the American army?

We chose the American side for some very practical reasons. We wanted our team to have active female positions and the US was one of the countries that even had a women’s army corps. They also helped Greece during WWI (humanitarian aids) and after WWII.  Moreover, there is such a huge availability of US equipment and information of that period, that it makes it easy for our members to have a whole image of what was happening.

What other WWII re-enacting teams are there around in Greece?

There are two more active WWII re-enacting teams in Greece. The  Greek Army 1940 Reenacting Team   that portrays the Greek soldiers and the Kampfgruppe Suden – Hellenic Reenactment Group HRG, that portrays the German soldiers.

Who can join a re-enacting team?

Anyone who loves history can do it. There are some regulations though. You have to be 18+, you need to love adventure, traveling and you need to be willing to spend time for re-enactment. To find out more about our regulations contact us.

How expensive is re-enactment?

It is pretty expensive, depending on your uniform(s). For more information contact us.

Who pays for the uniforms and equipment?

Each participant must pay for their own uniform(s).

Where is your team base located?

We are based in Athens, Greece.

Is re-enactment based on politics?

Re-enactment is strictly non-political. Any strong political ideas being expressed by team members are banned. People with extreme political views are not accepted in the team.

Do you still have questions? Contact us and we will help you!