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Many thanks to 1ST WAC SEPARATE BATTALION for helping us remember most of the words.




AAF : Army Air Forces

AGF: Army Ground Forces

ANC: Army Nurse Corps

APO: Army Post Office

AR: Army Regulations

ARC: American Red Cross

ASF: Army Service Forces

ASN: Army Serial Number (the individual number assigned to every member of the army)

Attach: to place an individual or unit temporarily under a commander other than its own



Barracks: buildings which house troops

Barracks bag: a cloth bag for articles of clothing and equipment

Bivouac: an area in the field where troops rest or assemble without overhead cover, or with shelter tents or improvised shelter

Blouse: the uniform jacket

Bn.: battalion



Cadence: the rate of march in steps per minute

Cadre: key group of officers and men organized to establish and train a new unit

Chevron: cloth stripes worn on the sleeves of the uniforms to denote grade, length of service or wounds

Chow: food

CO: Commanding Officer

CONUS: Continental United States

Cpl.: corporal


Daisy-Mae: fatigue hat

Distance: space between elements in the direction front to rear

Dog-tags: identification disks 


ETO: European Theater of Operations

EW: Enlisted Woman (or women)


Farb: a re-enacting term for someone who is not accurate with their impressions (don’t be one)

Fatigues: work clothes (see also the HBTs)

FECOMZ: Forward Echelon, Communications Zones

File: a column of men one behind the other

FM: Field Manual

Foot locker: small trunk


Garrison cap: a side military cap

GI: Government Issue

Guidon: a small flag designating a unit


HBT: Herringbone Twill (the fabric used to make the fatigue uniforms)

Hobby Hat: nickname for the WAAC/WAC cap, named after director Oveta Culp Hobby

HQ: Headquarters


Ike jacket: (also known as Eisenhower jacket) waist length jacket developed for the U.S. army

Interval: Space between elements in the direction parallel to the front


KP: Kitchen Police


Mess: an army meal/place where the meals are served

Mess gear: a soldier’s individual mess kit, knife, fork, spoon and cup

MP-Military Police: soldiers who guard properties, prevent crime, enforce laws and regulations within the army

Morning report: a daily personnel report showing the status of each organization

MOS: Military Occupational Specification

MTO: Mediterranean Theater of Operations


NCO or Noncom: a noncommissioned officer


OD: Olive Drab


Pace: a step 30 inches long (around 76 cm)

PFC: Private, First Class

Post: a place where troops are stationed

PX: Post Exchange (an army store)

Pup: shelter tent


QM: Quartermaster


Rank: grade of commissioned officer

Ration: the amount of food allowed for one person for a day

Roster: a list of personnel


Service ribbon: a ribbon awarded for a specific service

Service stripes: a stripe worn by a soldier indicating service

Stripes: chevrons


T/BA: Tables of Basic Allowances (list of equipment authorized for unites and individuals

T/E: Tables of Equipment (list of equipment to be taken with unit on change of station and into field)

TM: Technical Manual

T/O: Tables of Organization (chart showing number, grade and duties of personnel in a unit)

T/O & E: Tables of Organization and Equipment



Unit: an organization varying in size from a squad to a division

Utility bag: purse


WAAC: Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

WAC: Women’s Army Corps

WD: War Department