WWII – A few general information

WWII broke out during 1939 (ended on 1945), after the obstacles WWI had brought (1914-1918).

WWII: In Russia, the Battle of Stalingrad comes to an end (1943 February 2) The greatest battle of WW2 ended on 2 February...

Everything started when Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party signed strategic treaties with Italy and Japan as Hitler ambitious plan, was to dominate the world. His invasion of Poland in September 1939 made Great Britain and France to declare war against Germany. That was the beginning of World War Two. ”Obsessed with the idea of the superiority of the “pure” German race, which he called “Aryan,” Hitler believed that war was the only way to gain the necessary “Lebensraum,” or living space, for that race to expand.” History.com

Information you need to remember:

Where did the war take place?

Europe, Pacific, Atlantic, South-East Asia, China, Middle East, Mediterranean and Northern Africa.

Who were included in the Allies?

Joseph Stalin
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Winston Churchill
Chiang Kai-shek
Charles de Gaulle

Who were included in the Axis?

Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini

What about the outcome?

The Allies won and the German Third Reich came to an end while the USA and Russia became global superpowers. The United Nations were also founded.






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