About us

The idea of creating a living history team seemed truly tough in the beginning considering the conditions in Greece. So very little people know about historical re-enactment and it was hard to find the first members that would choose to stay.


We never thought we would make it so quickly! Thank God things turned out great! Many people enlisted, a few decided to stay, and we are currently working with some great people who are part of this team.


Our aim is not just to show the US side during WWII, but generally present and promote the WWII living history scene in Greece.

We are here to collaborate with people who love living history, we welcome creative ideas while we are open to presentations and seminars to schools, museums etc.


We are always welcoming people who want to join our group and we are more than happy to help whoever needs suggestions/ideas/advice.

We are currently “building” our team and we are hoping to be able to take part in huge events in the future.


If you want to become a part of our living history journey don’t hesitate to join us from the “Join us” section or simply contact us.

We approve members who are happy to try new things, are friendly to others and are not connected with extreme political ideas. Re-enacting is non-political and your historical knowledge does not play an important role when enlisting.

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Knowledge comes with work and practice! We are here to enjoy what we are doing and share some history!